3 Ways a High-Sodium Diet Affects Your Eye Health

Do you eat a lot of salty foods? According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, the average American consumes at least 3400 milligrams of sodium every day even though less than 2300 milligrams is the recommendation.

Unfortunately, a high-sodium diet can be detrimental to your health, even your visual health. One thing you may not expect to hear when you go in for an eye exam in Coldwater, MS is that your salt intake could be too high. Check out some of the ways that a lot of salt can negatively affect your visual health.

Heightened risks of cataracts

High sodium intake has been directly linked to cataract formation in the eyes, specifically posterior subscapular cataracts. Salt affects a lot of things about how the eye functions, which may heighten your risks. If you are at risk of cataracts already, it is important to be especially vigilant about monitoring how much salt you consume on a daily basis.

Changes in intraocular pressure

Intraocular pressure is a medical term used to refer to the level of pressure within the eye on the blood vessels. Individuals with glaucoma usually have abnormally high levels of intraocular pressure, which over time affects the quality of eyesight. Unfortunately, consuming a lot of salt may negatively affect intraocular pressure and generate even more risks of glaucoma.

Restricted blood flow to your eyes

Salt changes how fluid is distributed throughout the body, including in your eyes. If you have restricted blood flow to the eyes, this can mean your visual health is at risk. When blood flow is impeded to a great extent, this can actually cause your vision to get blurry. The blood pumped into the eye feeds oxygen to the retina, and without the oxygen, the retina cannot function properly.

Monitor Your Visual Health with the Help of a Coldwater Eye Doctor

So many aspects of your everyday life can have a part to play in your visual health. Be sure to work with a Coldwater, MS eye doctor to form a comprehensive preventative care plan for your eyes. Reach out to us at the Coldwater Vision Center to schedule an appointment.

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