3 Reasons to Get New Prescription Sunglasses Before Summer

Summer will be here before you know it. When was the last time you got a new pair of prescription sunglasses? If your prescription sunglasses are very old, it may be time to get a new pair. The first step is to see the eye doctor in Coldwater, MS. Below are several reasons to get a new pair of prescription sunglasses today.

1. Your Prescription May Have Changed

Prescriptions can change over time. When this happens, it’s important to get new glasses to allow you to see clearly. Sunglasses can be crucial for summer driving and engaging in summer sports, but to be most effective, they should have an up-to-date prescription. Your eye doctor can tell you whether you need a new prescription when you come in for a vision exam before buying your new glasses.

2. It’s Fun to Have an All New Look

Sunglasses trends change over time, just like prescriptions. If your sunglasses are several years old, you could be missing out on an opportunity to wear the latest looks. It’s fun to wear new sunglasses, especially if you buy sunglasses from an eye doctor with a wide selection of frames.

You’ll have the joy of picking out something new to wear, and then you’ll have fun showing off your new sunglasses to friends. Pick a pair that coordinates with an outfit you like to maximize your enjoyment and have the benefit of a coordinating outfit.

3. It’s Helpful to Have More Than One Pair of Sunglasses

If you currently only have one pair of sunglasses, you could be in a bad position if you lose that one pair. Buying a new pair means you’ll have two – one to serve as your main pair of glasses, and one to serve as a backup. You can keep one pair in your car and one in your locker at the gym, so you’ll always have a pair on hand when you need one.

Are you considering getting new sunglasses this summer? Start by getting an eye exam in Coldwater, MS. Call Coldwater Vision Center to make your appointment.

Are Sunglasses Really Necessary?

If you want to protect your eyes for a lifetime of good vision, then you should consider wearing sunglasses. Sunglasses can be made to fit your prescription eyeglasses in Coldwater, MS so that when you’re outside you can switch your eyewear to your prescription sunglasses. Following are all the reasons why sunglasses should be part of your defense against all kinds of eye damage.

The Dangers of UV Light

Many individuals are unaware that their eyes, like their skin, can become sunburned in a similar way that skin does. Photokeratitis is caused by exposure to too much UV light in a short period of time. Pain, inflamed eyes, high light sensitivity, tears, and a gritty sensation in the eyes are some of the symptoms. Fortunately, it is just transient, similar to a sunburn. Regrettably, it may be excruciatingly painful.

Long-Term Damage Over Time

Beyond photokeratitis, prolonged sun exposure causes further long-term issues. UV damage builds up over time. This is why your eye doctor in Coldwater, MS advises people to wear sunglasses when outdoors for long periods of time. The sun’s rays are a significant cause of premature eye aging, but the damage may be postponed for a lifetime of healthy vision. Sun protection in the form of sunglasses can help you to avoid a variety of eye problems, including:

  • Macular degeneration
  • Cataracts
  • Skin cancer
  • Abnormal growths

Less Squinting With Sunglasses

Sunglasses not only protect your eyes, but they also improve your everyday comfort. They lessen squinting because they diminish glare. In turn, this reduces the onset of wrinkles around the eyes. Some people aren’t even aware of how sensitive they are to light until they find that wearing a nice pair of sunglasses improves their comfort.

Given the health advantages of sunglasses, it’s no wonder that the American Optometric Society (AOA) advises them for everyone, regardless of whether or not they use corrective lenses. There are a variety of choices for protecting your eyes from the sun, depending upon your needs.

The short answer is that, yes, sunglasses are necessary if the health of your eyes is vital to you. Come on in today to discuss wearing prescription or non-prescription sunglasses with your eye care professional. Contact us to book your appointment.