Dealing with Seasonal Dry Eye Problems? A Diverse Issue with Many Causes

A number of everyday ailments can be seasonal problems, right down to ailments that affect your eye health. Dry eye problems are one of the most common visual health complaints, but a lot of people do not have problems with dry eyes through all seasons of the year. If you consistently deal with dry eyes during certain seasons, there can be a number of factors to blame.

Seasonal allergens may be to blame.

The world is filled with allergens, but different allergens can emerge during different seasons. For example, if you are particularly sensitive to pollen from flowers, late spring and early summer can mean you have more issues with dry eyes. Likewise, if you live in an area with a lot of smog, the contaminants in the air can be more prevalent during cooler temperatures when humidity is lower.

Dry eyes can be related to indoor environments.

Are you spending more time indoors due to changes in the weather? If so, it could be your indoor environment that is contributing to the problem. Indoor air quality can be poor due to pets, indoor pollutants, and even mold. For example, if you have a pet and start spending more time in the house, the pet dander may be causing problems with dry eyes.

Dry eyes can be relative to spending more time outdoors.

When winter transitions into spring, a lot of people make their way outdoors to enjoy the sunshine and warmer temperatures. If changing seasons take you outdoors, you could be experiencing things outside that are causing problems with dry eyes. For example, pollen can be particularly high in the spring, so the allergen could be contributing to a dry eye problem.

Talk to Your Coldwater Eye Doctor About Dry Eyes

Itching, watering, redness—dry eyes can be so uncomfortable to contend with, even when the problem comes and goes. Your Coldwater eye doctor may be able to help you manage the symptoms so you can get on with life. Reach out to us at the Coldwater Vision Center to schedule an appointment to discuss your problem with dry eyes.


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