How Often Should My Child See the Eye Doctor?

Children need to see the eye doctor on a regular basis, even if they don’t exhibit signs of eye trouble. Knowing how often your child should see the eye doctor in Coldwater, MS can help you take care of your child’s eye health. It’s also helpful to know the signs of an eye problem, so you can be sure to get your child to the eye doctor right away when it’s needed.

When To Bring Your Child Into the Eye Doctor

Bring your child to see the eye doctor by the time they’re one, and again before they start school. Once they begin school, take your child to the eye doctor each year – even if they don’t have an eye problem.

Eye problems can develop at any time, and can have a serious impact on your child’s academic and social development. Bringing your child to the eye doctor regularly can catch problems in their early stages, before they have an impact on your child’s reading or academic performance.

You should also bring your child to the eye doctor if you’ve noticed that they’re displaying symptoms of a problem.

Signs of a problem:

  • Sitting close to the television
  • Squinting
  • Must sit at the front of the classroom to see
  • Covering one eye to see
  • Excessive eye rubbing
  • Headaches
  • Difficulty concentrating

Why It’s Important to See the Eye Doctor

Children who don’t get pediatric eye exams in Coldwater, MS or treatment for their eye trouble may suffer from poor confidence in academic settings. Believing it is their fault, they may develop an early fear or aversion to school work.

This can affect children socially as well as academically. Children who believe that they are unable to perform properly in school may assume social roles wherein they are not expected to perform, which could become a permanent part of your child’s identity.

Make Your Child’s Eye Exam Today

Get your child off to the right start in school and in other settings. Call Coldwater Vision Center to make an appointment for your child’s next pediatric eye exam. We’ll check your child’s eye health and make recommendations for glasses if needed.

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