What Is Pediatric Myopia?

Pediatric myopia may sound like a serious condition, but it’s actually a very common vision problem: near-sightedness. Many children have pediatric myopia. If you think your child may have pediatric myopia, it’s important to take your child to the eye doctor in Coldwater, MS, so you can identify vision problems before they impact your child’s education and other factors. Here’s what to know.

What Is Pediatric Myopia?

Pediatric myopia is a type of refractive error, which means that the eye cannot focus light, resulting in blurry vision. Myopia allows your child to see up close but not far away. This condition occurs in about 20% of children and usually seems to become a problem around age 9 or 10 years old. Your child may not be aware that they have a problem, so you’ll have to watch them for the signs.

Signs Your Child Has Pediatric Myopia

There may be many signs that your child is having a hard time seeing clearly. Your child may:

  • Sit very close to the television
  • Squint at objects in the distance
  • Hold books very close to their face while reading
  • Get frequent headaches

You may also notice a decline in their ability to concentrate or get work done at school. Their academics may suffer as this becomes a bigger problem.

Your Child Has Pediatric Myopia? Next Steps

When you take your child to the eye doctor, the eye doctor can give your child a vision test to diagnose the problem correctly. Once the eye doctor has determined the severity of myopia, they’ll write a prescription for corrective lenses. Once this happens, it’s time to get new glasses. If your child is old enough and would like contact lenses, they’ll need a special examination before the doctor can write a prescription for contacts.

Shopping for glasses can be fun for your child. Take your child to an eye doctor that has a large showroom of glasses to choose from, so you and your child can find the right pair.

Has your child had an eye exam in Coldwater, MS, recently? If not, make an appointment with Coldwater Vision Center. Call today.



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