Causes of Myopia in Children

Myopia, also called nearsightedness, is a common eye disorder in children. In fact, researchers estimate that 25% of school-age children have some degree of myopia. Pediatric myopia control in Coldwater, MS is available. Here are some common reasons why myopia often occurs with children.

“Near” Activities

As children have started to do more “near” activities in recent years, such as staring at computer screens, smartphones, and playing video games, many doctors have reported a marked increase in the number of children experiencing myopia.


For children who have parents who are nearsighted, it is much more likely they too will inherit myopia. Whether it is one or both parents, researchers believe that when heredity is combined with certain environmental factors, such as reading or staring at a computer, children who have a genetic predisposition to developing myopia often do so.

Eyeball Growth

In most children, eyeball growth stops when they are quite young. However, during growth spurts, it is possible for some children to experience additional eyeball growth that results in myopia. When this occurs, it can become a condition known as high myopia, which can get progressively worse with age. Depending on its severity, refractive surgery may be needed to correct the problem. Increasing the risk your child could develop cataracts, glaucoma, or detached retinas later in life, failing to treat high myopia can result in blindness.

Improper Eyeglasses or Contact Lenses

Though much is still unknown as to what causes myopia in kids, some researchers have started to look at the possibility that regular glasses and contact lenses that have been given to kids for years may play a role in the onset or progression of myopia. Because of this, investigating new ways of designing lenses for glasses and contacts has begun, hoping it may be able to halt or slow the progression of childhood myopia. Rest assured, your eye doctor in Coldwater, MS will be on the cutting edge of this research.

If your family has a history of nearsightedness or you notice your child squinting, experiencing headaches, or suddenly having poor school grades, it could be caused by myopia. To get a proper diagnosis and the correct treatment, schedule an eye exam today for your child with an eye doctor you know and trust.

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