Does My Little One Need to See the Eye Doctor?

Should your little one be seeing the eye doctor in Coldwater MS? It depends. Children need to see the eye doctor at various stages of development in order to ensure that they have good eye health.

Don’t wait until your child has noticed symptoms of a problem to bring your child to the eye doctor. Many kids don’t know when they have vision trouble – so by the time your child notices, it could mean their condition is severe or has been going on for a long time. Knowing when to bring your child to the eye doctor is important.

Take Your Child Before First Birthday

Your child should see the eye doctor before age one. Eye doctors know which symptoms to watch for in little ones, and can help detect conditions that could cause developmental delays in your child. Eye exams for babies are relatively simple and don’t take very long, and they’re not uncomfortable at all. Once your baby has had their first pediatric eye exam in Coldwater MS, then you won’t have to take them again until it’s time to go to school.

Schedule a Visit Before Each School Year

Your child should visit the eye doctor before they start school each year. It’s important to see the eye doctor before school begins because your child needs to be able to see the books and the white board at the front of the room in order to perform academically.

Schedule a visit with the eye doctor each year before school starts in the fall. This way, you’ll know if your child needs glasses or contacts in order to get through the academic year.

Contact the Eye Doctor If You’re Seeing Symptoms

One more thing: take your child to see the eye doctor if you’re noticing symptoms of a problem. If you see your child squinting to read or see things in the distance, or if your child starts complaining about headaches, take your child to the eye doctor. Your child may not be complaining about blurry vision – that doesn’t mean there isn’t a problem.

To make an appointment for your little one, call Coldwater Vision Center today. We’re looking forward to seeing you!

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