Fit and Function: The Difference Between Pediatric and Adult Contact Lenses

Kids who are near-sighted usually find out around the age of 8, and it’s easy to see why children that young might prefer contact lenses instead of glasses. For anyone who loves their sports and recreational activities, it can be uncomfortable or worrisome to be constantly dealing with bouncing frames. If you’re curious about how pediatric contact lenses in Coldwater, MS work, we’ll look at the facts.

What You Should Know

For the most part, pediatric and adult contact lenses are similar. As with adult exams, you can expect the contact lenses — whether they’re gas permeable or soft — will be fitted specifically for their eyes. If your child is interested in contact lenses, there should be some degree of discussion between you and the optometrist before purchasing anything.

If you’re not confident in your child’s ability to care for contact lenses, you can consider a trial period to assess their commitment to keeping their eyes and lenses safe from harm. As a general rule, optometrists are trending toward recommending contact lenses for younger children, though again, it will depend on the individual child. This is due to not only increased demand, but also a number of psychological benefits for kids (e.g., kids with contacts may feel more confident in their appearance).

Pediatric Contact Lenses in Coldwater, MS

At Coldwater Vision Center, we work with each child to determine the best course of treatment. We also offer pediatric contact lenses specifically for children with aphakia. This condition, which is sometimes fixed with surgical intervention, affects the lens of the child’s eye. They may be far-sighted or have trouble seeing and distinguishing colors. The right contact lenses can make a major difference in cases where surgery isn’t an option.

There’s no doubt that contact lenses are a big responsibility. Failing to take care of them can result in anything from mild discomfort to serious infection. However, there are concrete benefits for many kids who are committed to wearing contact lenses. If you have questions about your child and the best course of treatment, the staff at Coldwayer Vision Center is here to help. If you’re looking for an eye doctor in Coldwater, contact us today.

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