Adjusting to Your New Contact Lenses: Tips for Success

You have finally gotten your new contact lenses so you do not have to rely on your glasses every day to see. As many advantages that come along with contacts, you may also have a brief period of adjustment to go through when you initially begin wearing them. Take a look at a few tips for success to help you adjust easier to your new contact lenses.

1. Remember to not feel intimidated by the process.

The more you can relax, the easier it will be to get adjusted to your new contact lenses. It can be a little intimidating to be poking something into your eye on a daily basis; that’s an understandable thing. However, contact lenses are perfectly safe as long as you follow your doctor’s guidelines.

2. Keep your eyes and body well hydrated.

The more hydrated your eyes are, including the contact lenses, the more comfortable you will be with the lenses in place. Your eye doctor will give you eye drops to help keep your eyes hydrated, but do your part as well by making sure you are drinking enough water throughout the day.

3. Make sure you keep your contact lenses as clean as possible.

Clean contact lenses are less likely to irritate the eyes. If you are having to take your lenses out frequently to give your eyes a rest, make sure you take the time to properly clean the lenses each time.

4. Set alarms to remind you to change your lenses or take them out.

If you are concerned that you will forget to change your lenses as directed or you will forget to take them out before going to bed, set an alarm on your phone. It can be a lot to remember at first, but after a few weeks, you will be changing and removing your contact lenses almost without even thinking about it.

5. Communicate with your eye doctor throughout the process.

Your eye doctor should be your go-to when you have questions or concerns about your new lenses, and they will be more than happy to help you out with your initial concerns. If you have new contact lenses and need help or have questions, our patients are always welcome to reach out to us at the Coldwater Vision Center in Coldwater, MS for help.

Are Contact Lenses a Good Idea for Children?

Many children do end up needing glasses, but glasses can change your appearance enough that some kids are uncomfortable with the idea and prefer to get contact lenses. This can leave parents with a lot of questions about the safety of pediatric contact lenses. Are getting contact lenses for your child a good idea? Here are a few things to consider.

Several Types of Lenses Are Available for Pediatric Patients

Even though it is a common misconception that contact lenses are not good for children, there are several eye doctors that do offer pediatric contact lenses. The thing is, there are specific types of lenses that can be viable options for certain children with specific needs. The two primary types of contacts used for children are soft lenses and gas-permeable lenses. Both of these contact lens types are a good fit for pediatric patients because they are easy to fit and can be disposable, which means less maintenance of the lenses and less risk of eye irritants due to improper cleaning.

Parent Training Is Hugely Important to Successful Contact Lens Use

Normally, the eye doctor will explain directly to the patient how they should properly use their new lenses, but with pediatric patients, parents are very much involved. For younger patients, it is usually the parents that do the majority of taking the lenses out and helping the child put them in. Likewise, it is important that parents know how to properly clean the lenses and watch for any issues the child is having.

Pediatric Contact Lenses Are Most Often Used for Specific Pediatric Vision or Eye Problems

Even though pediatric patients can be fitted with contact lenses, most eye doctors prefer to only prescribe lenses for pediatric patients that have certain types of ailments. General near or farsightedness is common in childhood as the eyes develop. But conditions like bilateral aphakia and anisometropia can be fitting for contact lens use, especially if there are issues with the child wearing glasses or if other forms of vision therapy don’t work.

Find Out More About Pediatric Contact Lenses in Coldwater, MS

Some children are good candidates for contact lenses. If you believe your child could be, reach out to us at Coldwater Vision Center to schedule an appointment.