When to Replace Contact Lenses?

There are many different kinds of contact lenses on the market these days. You can choose from hard contact lenses, soft lenses, colored lenses, extended wear lenses, one-day lenses and more. The decision about which brand of contact lens to wear and what kind is between you and your eye doctor in Coldwater. But the decision about when to replace contact lenses is one that will be informed by the kind of lenses you wear as well as their condition.

Replace Lenses if They are Damaged

One time when you absolutely must replace your contact lenses is if they become damaged. Each time you go to put your contact lenses in, give the lens a close visual inspection. Look for any protein deposits on the surface of the lens. If you’ve been cleaning them properly and using the correct cleaning solution, you shouldn’t have any protein deposits. Still, if you see any small white specs on the lens that don’t rinse off, this is likely a protein deposit. Another thing to look for is any kind of divot or piece of the contact that’s missing. As contact lenses begin to disintegrate, they often will tear or have a small piece out of the edge of the lens. If you detect either of these two issues, discard the contact lens and replace it with a new one. Never try to “get by” wearing a damaged lens, as this could cause damage to your eye.

Replace Lenses if Your Prescription is a Year Old or More

Another time when you should certainly replace your contact lenses is if your prescription is a year old or more. Even if you feel that you can see perfectly fine with your old contact lens prescription, you need to schedule a visit with your eye doctor in Coldwater. The reason is that changes in your vision may be nearly undetectable to you, but your eye doctor will be able to tell. It’s important that you always wear contact lenses with a recent prescription in order to protect your vision. Get your new prescription and then get fitted with new contact lenses. Make sure you toss your old lenses; don’t try keeping them as a backup pair!

The best way to ensure your eye health at home is to replace contact lenses when any of the issues mentioned above come up. Talk to your eye doctor in Coldwater today for more details.


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